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CIS of the Month: Reducing Contents Limit Reduces Costs

Our client had both a primary and seasonal home each with replacment costs of $5mil.  The contents limit carried was 70% of each dwelling limit.  With the help of the client, we determined that 50% was adequate at the primary home and 10% at the secondary.  This change eliminated more than $4,000,000 of over-insurance, while reducing the overall cost of …

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CIS of the Month: College Students: To Purchase Renter’s Insurance or Not?

Recently a client came to us about purchasing a renters policy for their son getting ready to move into an off-campus house away at college. After looking at our client's renters policy, we advised them that they did not need to purchase a renters policy because their son and his possessions would already be covered because their policy automatically extends …

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CIS of the Month: Saving Thousands on Your Guest Home

Our client recently built a large guest home adjacent to his primary home. Accordingly, he called us to report a certificate of occupancy was received and that he needed another homeowner's policy. After his probing service professional found that both homes shared the same address, we were able to cover the entire guest home by slightly raising the Other Structures …

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