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Claim of the Month: Breakdown of Critical Home Equipment

A home automation system broke down when the controller overheated and shorted out.  The original components and wiring were not compatible with the new equipment; a wireless replacement system had to be installed. Cost to install the new system: $63,239     Amount covered by a homeowner's policy without Equipment Breakdown coverage: $0   Critical home equipment repairs and replacements can be very costly. Typically there is no need to …

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Claim of the Month: Uninsured Liability Protection

A recently promoted, young CEO was looking forward to many prosperous years with his family.  While en route to his daughter's soccer game, he was rear-ended by another driver.  The vehicle rolled over when he lost control of it.  Tragically, he sustained fatal injuries. The driver who caused the accident had policy limits of only $25,000 – not nearly enough …

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Claim of the Month: Christmas Diamonds

It was when our client lost her brand-new diamond bracelet that she realized it was never scheduled on the insurance policy. She thought the only option was reporting it under the homeowner's policy, but the $5,000 deductible exceeded the bracelet's value. When she called to schedule the replacement bracelet she told us the story. Aware that our carriers provide full coverage …

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