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TDC Celebrates National Family Week

This week, November 20-26 is National Family Week and TDC is participating by focusing on the families outside of the TDC family that can be positively impacted as well the TDC employee families in advance of the Thanksgiving Holiday on Thursday. Last week, TDC kicked off the Family Week celebration early by collecting food and non-food items for the Cherry Street Mission Ministries, an …

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Claim of the Month: Breakdown of Critical Home Equipment

A home automation system broke down when the controller overheated and shorted out.  The original components and wiring were not compatible with the new equipment; a wireless replacement system had to be installed. Cost to install the new system: $63,239     Amount covered by a homeowner's policy without Equipment Breakdown coverage: $0   Critical home equipment repairs and replacements can be very costly. Typically there is no need to …

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CIS of the Month: Reducing Contents Limit Reduces Costs

Our client had both a primary and seasonal home each with replacment costs of $5mil.  The contents limit carried was 70% of each dwelling limit.  With the help of the client, we determined that 50% was adequate at the primary home and 10% at the secondary.  This change eliminated more than $4,000,000 of over-insurance, while reducing the overall cost of …

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Theme of the Month: Staying Safe During the Holidays

During the Holiday seasons, there are numerous risks home owners will encounter, including the purchase and care for a Christmas tree. Purchasing and caring for a live tree in the house is a great tradition many families pass down through the generations, but caring for that tree properly is something that's sometimes overlooked.  If a Christmas tree catches fire it …

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