Theme of the Month: Staying Safe During the Holidays

During the Holiday seasons, there are numerous risks home owners will encounter, including the purchase and care for a Christmas tree. Purchasing and caring for a live tree in the house is a great tradition many families pass down through the generations, but caring for that tree properly is something that's sometimes overlooked. 

If a Christmas tree catches fire it can engulf an entire room in flames in less than a minute. How fast these fires can spread is truly shocking. Take a look at the video below for an idea of just how quickly it can spread. 

See below for a quick list of ways to avoid fire while having a live Christmas tree in the house:

  1. When you purchase the tree, cut 1/2 inch off the bottom of the trunk – this will allow for better water absorption 
  2. Once you get your tree home, put it in a tree stand that allows for a water reservoir and fill the stand up with water immediately
  3. Place the tree away from heat sources like vents or fireplaces
  4. If using lights, try to use LED lights, which reduce heat while turned on
  5. Make sure to turn off any lights on the tree when you are not home
  6. Do not overload electrical circuits 
  7. Continue to check the tree stand each day for water level and add as necessary

See below for some other informational tips about Christmas Tree care

How to Care for your Christmas Tree