About Us

TDC Risk Management is an independent property & casualty insurance agency and represents over 20 insurance companies. It is important for you to understand the philosophical differences between an independent agent and a captive/direct agent. Consider the following scenarios:

  • A captive/direct agent gathers information and places your insurance with the only carrier that agent represents. You're sold the same off-the-shelf insurance as the agent’s other customers.
  • An independent agent gathers information, evaluates the needs of the customer and places coverage with the insurance companies that have the best products to meet your needs.

We haven’t begun to discuss the price, product or claims, but you know the second scenario is how you want to be represented. This superior approach is only available by using an independent insurance agent.

Headquartered in Maumee, Ohio, TDC Risk Management operates on a national platform, with associates throughout the country.

Our clients include business owners, their businesses, and high-profile executives, as well as athletes and entertainers often requiring complex risk management solutions. Our creative insurance solutions are designed to preserve and protect the wealth they’ve worked a lifetime to build.