Law Firms

Risk Management solutions … to keep you out of court.

You need to partner with a firm that understands your practice and provides the same level of advocacy that you provide to your clients.  TDC Risk Management provides aggressive client representation based on our experience underwriting lawyers professional liability and a keen understanding of risk management techniques for law firms which can help your firm avoid risk.  

Partnering with TDC Risk Management lets you access a broad spectrum of lawyers professional liability underwriters and the best solution for your specific needs.

Our services include:

  • Experienced specialists in lawyers professional liability
  • Prompt service, limited paperwork and quick turnaround time
  • Monitoring of industry trends and developments to help you avoid claims and mitigate potential damages
  • Comprehensive coverage forms for all firm sizes and practice areas
  • Risk management techniques to reduce claims frequency and severity and reduce out-of-pocket costs
  • Significant market relationships – domestic and London markets
  • Coverage for law firms challenged withclaims problems and/or administrative or disciplinary actions

Coverage options:

  •  High Limits
  •  Coverage for Class Action, Mass Tort, Intellectual Property, Real Estate, Entertainment & Collections Work
  •  Deductible Options
  •  Local Defense Firms
  •  Cyber-Liability Coverage
  •  Subpoena Coverage
  •  Employed Lawyers Program

For more information, contact Jerry Nelson.